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Universal Language Service, Inc. is always looking to contract with reliable and professional interpreters and translators of all languages.  Washington State certification (medical, social, court, translations) is desirable: for more information about getting certified, please find links below.  Universal Language Service, Inc. provides interpreter referral services throughout the State of Washington for a variety of industries and service requesters including: 

 - Hospitals, Medical Centers, Clinics, etc.
 - Local, State and Federal entities
 - Law enforcement agencies, Law Offices, Court systems
 - Banks, Financial Institutions
 - Insurance Companies
 - School Districts, Tutoring
 - Marketing
 - Transportation
 - Technical
 - Manufacturing

   ... and more

If you are interested in working as a Sub-Contracted Interpreter and/or Translator with Universal Language Service, please feel free to 
Email Us or call (425) 450-7022. 

Our team looks forward to providing you with quality services!


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WEB-BASED SCHEDULING for Interpreters:

To ACTIVATE or SET-UP your account for web access please Email Us or call (425) 450-7022. 



Washington State DSHS Interpreter Code of Ethics
Washington Courts - Code of Conduct for Court Interpreters
National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare - National Standards of Practice
National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare - National Code of Ethics 
International Medical Interpreters Association - Standards of Practice
International Medical Interpreters Association - Guide on Medical Interpreter Ethical Conduct
Valley Medical Center Code of Conduct (part of VMC Orientation)
Swedish Medical Center Code of Conduct (part of SMC Interpreter Orientation)

NAD-RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) Code of Professional Conduct
Standards for Sign Language Interpreters in Washington Courts    


Washington State DSHS Language Testing and Certification Program

Washington Court Interpreter Program
Interagency Language Roundtable
National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters
International Medical Interpreters Association

Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters  
Cross Cultural Health Care Program – Bridging the Gap Interpreter Training
American Translators Association
Speak Your Languages (by Highline Public Schools) – FREE online training

Merck Manual (Online Medical Dictionary)

Medline Plus (Health Info in Multiple Languages)

Links to 2,000+ Online Medical Dictionaries & Glossaries in 23 Languages

Sacramento Courts (Legal Glossaries)


Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)